Update – Temporary Break

update-1672349_640 Photo credit: Gerd Altman / Pixbay / CC0 Public Domain

Unfortunately, I am going to have to take a break from blogging. I don’t want to take this break and I was hoping to find a way to balance everything, but it’s currently not possible. My recovery from surgery has been slower than I had hope and in general, I am more easily tired than I expected. In addition, between Nica’s and my surgeries, I have substantial medical bills I currently do not have the resources to pay for, so I am seeking out temporary employment. Unfortunately, that leaves very little time for blogging.

I will be posting at least one more review as I already committed to doing so. I hope to post reviews of the books I’ve already read, but I am not certain that will happen. I will try to participate in the community from time to time and maybe participate in a tag or two (I have a backlog currently), but I do not want to make promises I cannot keep.

I am grateful to all of my followers and hope to reconnect with you all very soon. This has brought me great pleasure and I do not plan on abandoning this blog.