Review Policy

Reviewer background:

I’m an avid reader who did PhD work in Political Science (Political Psychology, American Politics, and Quantitative Methodology). I have previously professionally reviewed textbooks in my field. I now review fiction and nonfiction I read for enjoyment, but am open to professional reviewing as well.

I particularly enjoy reading in fiction: fantasy, science fantasy, some science fiction, literary fiction, multicultural fiction particularly books about and by authors of color and LGBTQIA+, and general fiction and in nonfiction: Buddhism, meditation, political science, psychology, social sciences, and on occasion memoirs.

Review Policy:

I love being surrounded by books and am happy to receive review copies of book! Please keep contacting me about them. Do keep in mind though that this is a blog about Diversifying Perspective through reading fiction books written by and about persons of traditionally marginalized groups, including persons with disabilities, persons of color, persons of the LGBTQIA+ community, women, etc. I am particularly interested in reviewing books which address intersectionality. This blog also reviews nonfiction books which address issues afflicting persons of traditionally marginalized groups, preferably written by persons of said groups, or nonfiction books which provide non-American perspectives, but prefers books which present non-Western culture perspectives and are written by people of those cultures. I am open to reviewing all genres as my goal is for this blog to be as diverse as possible while highlighting authors of traditionally marginalized groups.

If you’d like me to review your book and feel it falls within the spectrum of this blog, please complete the contact form below or email me at maygin.reads at Please note that I prefer print versions of fiction books, though occasionally I will review e-book versions, and prefer audiobook versions of nonfiction books, though occasionally I will review print or e-book versions. If I agree to review your book, I will post a review of it on this blog, whether good, bad, or neutral. I will consider reviewing self-published books on a case-by-case basis; however, I strongly prefer books with professional editing and lacking that can negatively impact my rating of the book.

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