The Week – A Conclusion


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Well, it feels a bit odd to be closing out a week when there’s been only one post, but since I’m doing a quiet, soft re-launch of my blog, this is a good way to start catching readers up.

What I Read

This week, I finished Sparrow Migrations, The Repeat Year, and Starry River of the Sky. This week was a bit of a mixed bag as I really enjoyed Starry River of the Sky but was meh about the other two reads. The review for The Repeat Year posted yesterday and the review for Sparrow Migrations will post on Monday. I hope to post a review for Starry River of the Sky soon! I went out of town this week and actually skipped a night of reading, but I was still able to get in a good amount of reading time overall. I’m happy with my reading week!

What I am Reading

I currently have a complicated system of books I read all at the same time. It goes as follows:
Children’s audiobook CD for the car: Peter Pan
Easy fiction or nonfiction audiobook for working around the house: For the Love of a Dog
Classic book reading daily on Serial Reader app: Carmilla
Friend book club book: The Color Purple
Bed time book: The Woodcutter
Day time book: Bad Romance
Great Courses book reading through Hoopla: Philosophy of Mind
Great Courses book reading through the library: Understanding the Fundamentals of Music
Plus a few nonfiction books I am taking forever to get through (see side bar for a complete list)

I started The Color Purple, Peter Pan, Carmilla, and For the Love of a Dog this week.

I think I might have a problem. This week, I added a day time book in addition to my night time book as well as deciding to only read my book club book during the day. I may have over done it. But the book club book needs to be read by Sunday, so it should be off that list very soon and I can get back to a mostly normal number of books I’m simutaneously reading. Which is still a ridiculuous amount.

I started listening to children’s audiobook CDs in the car after I lost Nica in February. I found myself uncontrollably sobbing while driving and decided that had to change. I wasn’t much of a fan of listening to audiobooks while driving because there are distractions from time to time (i.e. trying to not hit things) that prevent me from hearing everything that is said. But I found with children’s books, it’s usually easy enough to fill in the blanks so that I still feel I fully read and understood the story.

In early January, I adopted a puppy. I started reading a bunch of dog training books, watching training DVDs, and attending training classes. And then, I burned myself out on them. Thus, there are a few dog books on my currently reading list that have been lingering there for a bit. There are a few books that are just hanging out on my coffee table. I am determined to get through them, but it’s anyone’s guess whether I will.

At some point, I moved on my from dog training nonfiction craze to intergrative medicine nonfiction craze and thus there are a few audiobooks lingering from that on my currently reading and a few more on my coffee table. I’ve decided to return all the ones I haven’t started to the library, but I am committing to trying hard to finish the ones I started. My biggest problem with those is sitting down to do the practices (I’ve listened to all the rest of the audiobook), but skipping that part kind of skips the whole point of the book, so I just need to find the time.

Well, that was a lot of explanation on why my currently reading list got so long! I’ll save for next week a discussion of why a day time book, the Serial Reader app, and the Hoopla app were added to the list.

What I’m Reading Next

My children’s audiobook for the car is nearly always planned out, so I can say rather confidently that sometime next week I will start When the Sea Turned to Silver. Outside that, I’m not sure. I have a Netgalley back log that I plan on getting to as soon as the Woodcutter is finished. I still need to sit down and plan out when I’m reading what based on release dates. But my next novel will very likely be an ARC.

I also plan on reading another volume of Ms. Marvel this week before it is due back at the library. Outside of that, I am trying very hard to get through all the books on my current reading that have been sitting there awhile because it is out of control!

Well, there’s so much more I could talk about, but that’s enough for now. As I write more of these, it will become clearer what has been going on for the last couple of months and I’ll reconnect with all of you! Glad to be back!

Update – Relaunch Preview part 1

update-1672349_640 Gerd Altman / Pixbay / CC0 Public Domain

Guys, it’s been 7 months to the day since I stopped blogging and I finally have started making real progress toward re-launching this blog. I still deeply miss Nica and blogging will continue to be a reminder of her, but, I’m finally in a place to start moving forward, at least a little. Before I dive back into blogging, I’m in the process of revising the site in terms of visuals and content. To start, there’s a new site name, about me blurb, and profile pic. What do you think of the changes?

I am actually pretty excited; I very much enjoyed blogging, even when I made it into too much and again still when it became too much with everything else. With that in mind, I plan on modifying the focus of this site a bit and reducing the frequency of scheduled posts. I will update the blog and you as I finalize these plans. Over the next few weeks, I will do a soft launch of this site and write blog posts about things that have happened over the last 7 months. I look forward to connecting with all of you again! I’ve missed you!!

Update – Temporary Break

update-1672349_640 Photo credit: Gerd Altman / Pixbay / CC0 Public Domain

Unfortunately, I am going to have to take a break from blogging. I don’t want to take this break and I was hoping to find a way to balance everything, but it’s currently not possible. My recovery from surgery has been slower than I had hope and in general, I am more easily tired than I expected. In addition, between Nica’s and my surgeries, I have substantial medical bills I currently do not have the resources to pay for, so I am seeking out temporary employment. Unfortunately, that leaves very little time for blogging.

I will be posting at least one more review as I already committed to doing so. I hope to post reviews of the books I’ve already read, but I am not certain that will happen. I will try to participate in the community from time to time and maybe participate in a tag or two (I have a backlog currently), but I do not want to make promises I cannot keep.

I am grateful to all of my followers and hope to reconnect with you all very soon. This has brought me great pleasure and I do not plan on abandoning this blog.

August Reads and an Update – Bookish: Reads

Welcome to August Reads! Overall, I read 7 books, including 2 audiobooks, 2 nonfiction books, 1 ARC, 1 eARC, 4 diverse books, and 2 books written by women. This month, 57% of the books I read were diverse, which is over my 50% goal. For July and August combined, 60% of the books I read were diverse, which I very happy with. Only 29% of the books I read this month were written by women, which is below my desired 50% goal. For July and August combined, 55% of the books I read were written by women, which meets my overall goal of at least 50%. The biggest change this month was not listening to audiobooks. This was due to my dog’s sudden and critical illness and the toll it took on me. It’s also why it took me longer to get through books as there were some days I just didn’t have the energy to read. For an update on Nica’s health, please scroll all the way to the end!

the judgment of richard richter coverThe first book I started and finished in August was the Judgment of Richard Ritcher. This was an interesting change of pace from my normal reads and I am so glad I decided to grab it through the Kindle First program. It’s been a long time since I read an Eastern European/ Russian author and it wasn’t the only book by such an author this month. This was a 4 star read for me, though note that it comes with trigger warnings.

The Power of Habit coverThe next book I finished was a hard one for me to determine what the star rating should be. I ranged from giving it a 2 to a 4 and finally settled on a 3.5. There are parts of The Power of Habit that are really good, but ultimately, there were several flaws, which are common in pop science journalism, that got under my skin as a scientist. But, I was able to take a few useful things away from it, so I decided on a positive star rating. This book was reviewed on Goodreads.

The Shadow of the Wind coverMy next read was also challenging to figure out a star rating. I was so excited to read The Shadow of the Wind and so let down by its sexism and poor finish. Honestly, this book combined with The Power of Habit probably contributed to the reading slump that was excerabated by my dog’s illness. This was not exactly my month for great books. But like The Power of Habit, there were things I enjoyed in The Shadow of the Wind and it made it hard for me to give it a low rating. Again, I was between a 2.5 and 4, but settled on 3.5 stars.

Still Here coverOnto a book I greatly enjoyed reading, even if I barely remember it now. Still Here was a book I couldn’t put down and read in no time at all, but it wasn’t that memorable. Because I enjoyed it so greatly while I read it, it was a 4 star read, but it won’t end up on a favorite list. I do expect to read Vapnyar’s books in the future as I loved the tone of this book. Plus, it was great to have a second Eastern European/ Russian book in one month!

How to Listen to and Understand Great Music coverI finally finished an audiobook I started back in June. It was very long, though it generally kept my interest and I moved through the early sections pretty quickly. Then I took a break and powered through again. How to Listen to and Understand Great Music is definitely an audiobook I would recommend to anyone interested in better understanding orchestral music. This was a 4 star read and I have already stated another audiobook by this author! This was reviewed on Goodreads.

The Circle coverAh, The Circle. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a movie more than the book before, but it happened here. I chose to read this book to meet a reading challenge requirement to read a book that was being turned into a movie this year. This book sounded super interesting and I was really excited going in. Unfortunately, I didn’t much like the main character and the ending was the worst. Oddly enough, those issues were fixed in the movie, which was coauthored by the book author. So, maybe he ended up agreeing with me in the end. This was a 3 star read for me since the plot was interesting. It was reviewed on Goodreads.

Little Gold coverThe last read was Little Gold which was a unique story for me that was hard to get into, but absolutely worth sticking it out. I fell in love with Little Gold (the character) and was satisified with the book, even though the ending was a bit too perfect. This was one of those books that is hard to describe, but I want to push on everyone. I’m not sure it’s a book for everyone, but for that certain reader, it is a wonderful treat.

update-1672349_640Lastly, an update on Nica. Nica (pictured in the profile picture) has been recovering a little more every day from a major surgery which removed a large tumor, her gallbladder, a lymph node, and a small mass. Before surgery, she was suffering from severe adema and would have died without the surgery. Going into surgery, there was a greater than 50% chance that this was liver cancer, which has a median survival time of 2 years. Unforunately, this was a rare presentation of bile duct cancer, which is an aggressive, fast metatsizing cancer. The vet expects her to live 3 to 6 months, though median survival time in the medical literature is 6 months. I will try to keep up with this blog through this challenging time, but I may not go back to doing reflections for awhile. They are simply too much for me in terms of emotional energy and time. As it nears the end for Nica, I will likely take another hiatus. She is my world, my child, and my spirit animal. Losing her will be an incredible blow and I’m simply not sure at this point how it will affect this blog. I will keep you updated as I know more.

What book did you enjoy most in your August reads? Please comment below!

Update: Reviews

update-1672349_640Photo credit: Gerd Altman / Pixbay / CC0 Public Domain

I hope you all had a lovely holiday weekend! After much contemplation, I have decided that this week will be a week of reviews. There will be no reflections and I won’t post reflections for these books at some point in the future. While I love writing reflections, they are emotionally draining and time consuming. With my dog being diagnosed with bile duct cancer and given only a few months to live, I’m finding I cannot write reflections. I am struggling to write reviews as well, but those are much easier and I’ve been making it through.

How do you guys feel about my stopping reflections for a bit? Do you enjoy the reflections? Are they something you don’t find interesting? What would you like to see outside of reviews?

Update: Brief Hiatus

Photo credit: Gerd Altman / Pixbay / CC0 Public Domain

There was no Bookish post today and I apologize for that. I opted for sleep over writing a post. My dog, Nica, who is pictured in my profile picture, presented with severe fluid retention on Wednesday, August 16th and was diagnosed with a liver tumor. The tumor was surgical removed on Monday, August 21st. They ended up removing more than expected, including her gallbladder and a mass on her spleen as well as addressing an abnormal lymph node. Her recovery has been suboptimal and what was expected to be an overnight hospital stay turned into several days. Even though she was still incredibly anemic, we decided she should come home on Wednesday night in hopes of her improving faster out of the hospital. While she has made gradual improvement, she still needs care from me at least every 2 hours. This entire process has been incredibly draining as it has not been clear what is the underlying issue. We are still waiting on pathology results from the biopsies. The blog was updated last week mostly because of my writing the posts in advance, but my post on Thursday was written that morning and I am not happy with the quality. So in the interest of my own sanity and ensuring the quality on this blog is maintained, I will be taking at least a one week hiatus from blogging. If it needs to be longer depending on her recovery, I will update you as soon as the decision is made.

I appreciate all of your support and hope to connect with you all again very soon!

Update: New Posting Schedule

update-1672349_640I have decided to move to two reviews and reflections a week starting this week, with reviews on Mondays and Wednesdays and their respective reflections on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fridays will stay bookish days. The reviews on Monday will be ARCs or eARCs, typically reviewed around their date of release. The reviews on Wednesdays will be of older books either from my personal collection of books or from the library. Of course, since I cannot control how often I am approved for ARCs or eARCs, reviews on Monday may sometimes not be ARCs or eARCs, but since I have ARC and eARC reviews planned through the end of October, I suspect this will not be an issue anytime soon.

This change will first run as a trial and if I find it possible to maintain this schedule, will become the norm. The trial will run for a month with final determination made in early September. Thank you to each and everyone of your for your support of this blog. It is because of your support I am making this change! As always, if you have any feedback, ideas, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out!! ❤ ❤ ❤

July Reads and an Update – Bookish: Reads

Now that July has come to a close, I thought I would share with you what I read in July. Overall, I read 13 books, including 4 audiobooks, 3 children’s books, 3 young adult books, 3 eARCs, 3 nonfiction books, 8 diverse books, and 9 books written by women. For July, 62% of the books I read were diverse, well over my 50% goal. In addition, 70% of the books I read in July were written by women, exceeding my 50% goal. Overall, I’m very satisfied with this month of reading. (Be sure to scroll all the way to the end for an update!)

dreadnoughtThe first book I finished in July was Dreadnought, which I rated 4/ 5 stars. If you read my reflection, you’ll know that I requested the eARC of its sequel Sovereign before having read Dreadnought. It was a bit of a mad dash to read Dreadnought and Sovereign before Sovereign’s release date, but I’m so glad I took on the challenge!

tom sawyer coverI also finished The Adventures of Tom Sawyer in July and it was a 4/ 5 stars for me. It turns out that while I had read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn as a child, I had not read Tom Sawyer. Audible channels, which are free for Audible or Prime members, had an audiobook version of Tom Sawyer narrated by Nick Offerman and I knew I had to listen to it. Offerman’s performance was great and I’m so glad I let him read me this classic. The review will not be published on this blog, but you can find it on my other social media sites, namely Facebook, Goodreads, or find the Goodreads link on Twitter. If you want to see ALL of my reviews for all the books I read, I very much recommend you follow me on Facebook, Goodreads, or both!

year of yes coverNext I started and finished Year of Yes in July and it was a 5 star read and made my favorites list, a pretty exclusive list for me. It will be reviewed on this blog at some point in the near future (see below for information on that). I borrowed the audiobook version from the library and Shonda Rhimes narrates it. Her narration is incredible and really made the book stick with me. This is a book I plan to reread and when I do, I will do so through audio again. I think it’s the only way to read this book.

the hour of daydreamsI then finished the eARC The Hour of Daydreams, a 4 star read whose review will publish next Monday. I also hope to have an author interview with Renee Rutledge about her book to post on Friday. This book was a wonderful read and I’m so grateful I was given a review copy. I hope you will check out my posts around this book next week!

the gifts of imperfection coverIt was time to switch it up with a bit of nonfiction. I read I Thought it was Just Me and it was the first Brene Brown book I did not rate 5 stars. I eventually settled on 4 stars, though I initially gave it 3 stars. But after realizing I was partly downgrading the book because it forced me to look at myself in a way I was not thrilled about, I decided to not take it out on the book. It is a good book, but I did have real criticisms about it. It was essentially her first book and I’m glad to see that her follow-up books have been excellent reads. This book will not be reviewed on this site, but you can see my review for it on Facebook, Goodreads, or find the Goodreads link on Twitter.

echo coverI came across Echo in a sale Audible was having on its children’s books and saw that it had won an Audie. I very much wanted to read it, so I borrowed the audiobook from the library and was not disappointed with the quality of the audiobook. It was great how each story within the larger novel was narrated by a difference actor. In addition, the music the book referenced was played in the audiobook, which made it a much richer experience. I am glad I choose the audiobook over the print version. This was a 4 star read for me and its review will post on this blog soon (again, see below for more detail).

monkey mind coverThen came my first bad read, Monkey Mind. I had first rated it 2 stars, but upon further reflection, one particular scene greatly bothered me and I had to downgrade it to a 1 star rating. It’s not a book I recommend for anyone. If you want to see the review of it, check out Facebook, Goodreads, or find the Goodreads link on Twitter.

sovereignThankfully, my next read, which was an eARC, was great! As you already know, Sovereign was a 4 star read for me. While it started out slow for me, by the end, I was just as hooked as I was with Dreadnought and was just as happy with the overall quality. This is a great series and I hope it continues to deliver.

the lord of the fliesEvery month, my library does a theme and displays books around that theme near the front of the library. For several months now, I have read a selection from each month. I’m not sure why I started doing this, but I really enjoy doing it. This month’s selection was The Lord of the Flies based on their lakeside theme. I think the connection to the theme was a bit of a stretch, but I knew I needed a short read and was happy to pick up this classic. Overall, I gave it a 3 star review, but I would like to read it again at some point. I was not in the headspace to read a book with such heavy symbolism and I would like to read it again when I can devote more energy to the symbolism and see if I gain anything from such a thorough reread. It may move up to a 4 star read if I do. If you are interested in the review, check out Facebook or Goodreads or find the Goodreads link on Twitter.

the other einstein coverThen I read a book I’m still on the fence about its rating. The Other Einstein was a book that drew me in because it was about Albert Einstein’s first wife, who was also a physicist. The book claims there is much controversy around whether or not Mrs. Einstein played a significant role in some of Einstein’s most famous early work. After reading the book, I did some research and there is greater consensus about the lack of her contributions than the book blurb implied. I still debate whether I should rate the book at 2 stars or 3 stars as I solidly rated it at 2.5 stars. Some days, I think the great liberties the book takes with a historical figure are serious enough to push the review to 2 stars and other days, I remember that I could not put the book down and read it in a day and end up keeping it at 3 stars. I suspect I will never feel completely comfortable with my rating on Goodreads, unless they decide to allow readers to give half stars. If you’d like to see the review, check out Facebook, Goodreads, or find the Goodreads link on Twitter.

the little queen coverI then read an eARC of an adorable children’s book entitled, The Little Queen. It was a fun, whimsical story that had sage advice for adults. The review will post on this blog in a few weeks and I hope you will check it out!

the underground railroad coverNext, I read The Underground Railroad which was a 4 star read for me as the detached narration pulled me a bit too much out of the story. But the writing was fantastic and hope to read more of Colson Whitehead in the future. This review will post on this blog in the near future (see below for further details).

the hate u give coverLastly, I read all but 15, maybe 20 pages of The Hate U Give in July. For a book which is almost 450 pages, I devoured it in record time. Whenever I put it down, my mind was constantly drawn back to the book and I found myself picking it up as soon as possible. This was a 5 star read for me and landed on my favorites list, which is a hard list to make. The review for this book will post on this blog in the near future (see below for more details).

update-1672349_640Lastly, an update:

As you can see, I have been reading more books than I can review with only doing one review a week. Thus, I have decided to move to two reviews and reflections a week, with reviews on Mondays and Wednesdays and their respective reflections on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Fridays will stay bookish days. The reviews on Monday will be ARCs or eARCs, typically reviewed around their date of release. The reviews on Wednesdays will be of older books either from my personal collection of books or from the library. Of course, since I cannot control how often I am approved for ARCs or eARCs, reviews on Monday may sometimes not be ARCs or eARCs, but since I have ARC and eARC reviews planned through the end of October, I suspect this will not be an issue anytime soon. I hope to make the change next week, but currently, the biggest impediment is my health which has not be great lately. While I keep up with reviews for the most part, the reflections can be much for challenging and demanding and thus are not always something I can tackle in poor health. I will make an announcement this weekend if I feel sufficiently ahead of the game to start posting two reviews and reflections a week. Thank you all for your support! If there wasn’t so much interest in this blog, I wouldn’t be upping my reviews and reflections. I am grateful to each and everyone of my followers!

Updates: New Socials & Updated Commenting

update-1672349_640I, Maygin Reads, have a new social media page! If you have Google+, head over and check out my page. It will feature posts from this blog and other book reviews. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and the Litsy app!

In addition, new social share features have been added to all blog posts and new follow us links have been added to the sidebar. You can now easily find my reviews on Amazon and Audible through those links! These have also been added to the About Me page.

Also, I now have an email address, which is maygin.reads at You can still contact me through the contact form on the Review Policy page.

It was brought to my attention that in order to comment, people had to login to WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. I have updated the blog so that one only needs to provide a name and email address to comment on the blog. I apologize for not having this feature available sooner. If there is ever anything that is not working right or other feedback you have, do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form or now email!

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Update: Two Reflections

Ripple effect on waterOn Monday, I will be reviewing the book that launched the idea for this blog, The Gifts of Imperfection, by Brene Brown (Kindle preview). I love Brene Brown’s work and I find it relevant to this page. In order to work toward a more tolerate perspective, we must first confront our own issues around shame and vulnerability. Brown does incredible work on shame and how to develop shame resilience.

In the second reflection for this book, I will discuss in more detail why addressing shame can be critical in developing new perspective. But I also will discuss concerns around representation.

The first reflection for this book will post on Wednesday. It will discuss my personal growth from this book around the area of meditation and stillness. This book changed my perspective, and while that change is not centered around representation, I wanted to share it nonetheless.

There will occasionally be two reflections for books, depending on how the book I review impacts me. The reflection directly relevant to representation will post on Thursdays, the regular posting time. The bonus reflection for the week will post on Wednesdays and may or may not address representation. Let me know what you think about the bonus reflection idea! Do you want to reflect on topics outside representation more often? Please comment below!

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